WHY Creative Madness?

Mick Jagger (a phenomenal artist) nailed it: I go nuts BECAUSE ♫ “I can’t get NO satisfaction…” He even explained WHY the crazy time loop: “Cause I try and I try and I try and I try…”   

While Art has and is the generosity to reopen sentience, it is not sustainable as it only works for “a day.” What I want and need to see created is an Art form that interprets Wisdom Teachings in such way that anyone who truly desires to end the madness could do so, not only for “a day,” but also and foremost for a lifetime. That person – beginning with me – would learn to follow the Voice to the END of Dissatisfaction.

The more I’d HEAR the Voice, the less doubt would be HERE. Such “obedience” (a push button word for most artists and thus for all of us) would, indeed, remove any doubt that I could be successful. Naturally I would have a faith that moves mountains, stop trying, and start succeeding in my creation.

Yep! The idea of being commissioned to create a virtual Art installation on the theme of a global cosmology is down right crazy.  Which is how the emPowering NOW team is so grateful for quantum scientists who are also “heartists…”

“If the Quantum QKabbalah of Golden XPR hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood yourself yet!”
Inspired by Niels Bohr’s words

What is QKabbalah of XPR?  | here