WHY a Mystery School?

BECAUSE, one day, I will decide to do what it takes to be free. And on that day, I will require spiritual guidance to face the fear of feeling how deep my rage goes and understand WHY I am ambivalent about becoming emPowered. 

“I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are mere details.”
Albert Einstein

Life ITSELF is the Mystery, as life is not the opposite of death; birth is! My challenge – and the source of my complaints – is my inability to transcend the judgments binding me to the material world. I thus keep on coming back to doing the same thing over and over again while pretending to expect different results. And yes, it is pure insanity!

To understand what I term “God” and/or any mysteries, I must first understand myself. Thus the aphorism “Know Thyself,” as one the 147 Delphic maxims at Delphi. Here is the good news and the bad news: I am IT! Perennial truths are not out there. They are felt within, as I come into the Truth of my own heart.

Throughout history, Mystery Schools have hidden in plain sight, in order to protect, preserve and perpetuate the secrets of ancient knowledge. This secret knowledge is now made available, due to the massive shifts the Earth is now undergoing. Each school aims at transmitting the shamanic and Gnostic ways of a specific lineage; e.g.; an Eastern Mystery school would teach how to embody the Wisdom of Hindu or Buddhist traditions.

While each School has its own entrance into the Mystery, they all prophesied the coming of an extraordinary time, when a unified Teaching (i.e.; the One language of a global cosmology) will create a paradigm shift akin to a mass return to a mythical kingdom such as a “Shambhala” or a “Garden of Eden.”

WHY the “PaRaDiSe” Mystery School?

BECAUSE the strange word “PaRaDiSe” is code for a fourfold intelligence, by which to free the Sacred Feminine from exile. This buried treasure and how to unearth it is hinted to in Song of Songs, 4:12-13: “my sister, my bride; a lost garden, a spring dried up; a fountain sealed. Your plants are a PaRaDiSe of pomegranates with choice fruits, with henna and nard,”

When the female part of me can’t be heard and understood, the male part of me can’t wait, leading me to speak and act compulsively. This is the PaRaDiSe lost by Adam and Eve (the two sides of my brain). For me to recover sentience (the feminine capacity to feel and sense), I must die to the thought that I am the body (a man or a woman). I am then reborn to a mind equally created male and female (regardless of my gender) and, as such, heavenly.

But where is the door? 

An ancient legend speaks of FOUR rabbis of the Mishnaic period (1st century CE) who knocked at the door of the Pardes, that is, of the “orchard.” Pardes is a FOUR-lettered word – letters PRDS, since S/Hebrew has no vowels. It is also an acronym for FOUR levels of understanding of the “PaRaDoX,” the paradox being “God’s” language:

  • P is for Pshat as a “Practical and Plain” context: this is the understanding of street-smart instinct, transmitted by the voice of my body.
  • R is for Remez, as a “Reflective wink:” this is the understanding of emotional intelligence, via the messages sent by my feelings, for good or bad.
  • D is for Derush, as the”inquiry” that knows the Difference: this is the understanding of cognitive intelligence, sent as the silences in-between.
  • S sounds as and is Sohd, as the “Secret:” this is the understanding of spiritual intelligence; the intuition transmitted by the voice of my heart.

As always, S/Hebrew and English are a match made in heaven to convey codes that were thus far incomprehensible. I still must make a quantum jump and realize that I am not over here reading scriptures or codes that are over there! To find the door to PaRaDiSe, I must accept that I am who makes the choice, consciously or not, to observe what is in the world, and thus, in the word.

Words don’t lie; I do! If I can’t see the “orchard” for the tree and if my eyes are clouded with longing, it is simply because I am yet to go out on the limb, where the blessing – be fruitful and multiply – is waiting for me…

WHY a Limb to the “Meta?”

BECAUSE, to access the Sohd – the “Secret” dimension of the Pardes (the realm of the understanding of what understanding is), I must go on a metaphysical limb, “beyond” the physical realm… 

I will then pass the initiation of the flaming sword, by answering the three-pronged riddle (WHY, HOW and WHAT) asked by a sphinx-like cherub:

The WHY of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School is:
To END my suffering by clearing the confusion induced by the “God” label, whose abstraction keeps me lonely as I run from the Mystery, and angry as I won’t own the Truth that I am creating IT all!

The HOW of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School is:
To Own my projections by using Golden XPR as a scrying mirror, at once shocking and sobering, and see that the places in the decoding where I go in limbo exactly reflect where my shame-based secrets are at work.

The WHAT of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School is:
To Receive the Wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong in each moment, to dare wielding energy to solve problems, to keep silence as the Practicality of Self-mastery, and to will with a Power that cannot be corrupted.



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