Group Courses

Welcome! I am now tuning in the eXPeRiencing channel of Golden XPR…

This is where I can gather with community in a group learning experience… I looove that kind of learning: I learn so much from you, guys! I love it, until… I’ll admit it: there’s always one person in the group that ruffles my feathers! The push is uncomfortable, disturbing even, and yet I know in my heart of hearts that this confrontation is what will end up making me a more authentic person!

So yes, this channel is for me when I am willing to learn about me by inquiring on what I think of you, for better and for worse, and feel it. It is when I move from an “I” perspective to a “we” perspective.

The WHYS Game – Interacting with Golden XPR.

The WHYS Game is an intro presentation to the Golden XPR, whatchamacallit, phenomena. It is a highly “eXPeRiential” and interactive presentation. This presentation is usually an hour or two. It invites an open heart. Logistics below.

The PaRaDiSe Circle – where to meet the PaRaDoX

Who are we? Just ordinary people, gathering to do shadow work and practice deep introspection to know ourselves and solve everyday problems. Take me, for example. I know what to do. I just don’t want to do it. WHY would I resist doing “the next right thing” when resisting leads me to do harm? What am I not saying, if only to myself? The more I engage in these gatherings, the more I say what I feel and mean what I say. Eventually I hear and SEE that communication is really the result of what is said and done, and no longer set myself up to get no satisfaction.

This group course meets twice a month for 90 min. It will cost me $50 per month (the first month is free).

Just a thought – how true is this for me? No matter my microcosm (or my circle of friends), I will have to decide whether I’m in or out. When I choose to no longer be an outsider, I “need” a place of PaRaDoX, where I can allow me to be distressed when comfortable, and comforted when distressed.
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