WHY the TWIN Mission?

BECAUSE, to stop making the other sex the enemy and thus be kind
in our communication – Venus ↔ March, the twins in us were called to work together to decipher a language soulful enough to reconcile the two great beasts: Science and Religion… A true story!

“Feeling the rage and staying in the fire with M to fulfill this mission impossible was THE most surreal and sacred adventure imaginable. Surprisingly, ending the war of sexes was the beginning of getting satisfaction!” M&M

The Mission of Golden XPR is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of knowledge. When I perceive that there is a universal code to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the visible and the invisible merge (I stop doubting), the hunger for LOVE is satiated (I have nothing left to lose or to prove), integrity is naturally embodied (I do no harm), and an enlightened civilization emerges (I love IT all).

The Mission of emPowering NOW LLC is to bring forth Golden XPR as a path to transition from a world of fear, confusion and domination, communicating a GReed that splits Giving and Receiving, to a world of wisdom, kindness and understanding, increasingly communicating the GRace that unites Giving and Receiving.