WHY a Universal Code?

BECAUSE having a universal code to open the safe of the “City of Peace” helps me detach from the “I’m special” thought, a thought that inescapably morphs back and forth into “I’m not enough…”  

Many books have been written on the Bible Code, and much information is available via the internet on its unprecedented encryption. Given as one long sentence of 304,805 letters, the letters of the Torah (the original version of the Five Books of Moses) can be pulled in such way as to retrace the main events of the past 3200 years. Code breakers are spellbound: statistically the chances of that happening are at the least 100,000 to 1.

There are enough proofs for scientists to accept that something uncanny is going on with “the Bible Code,” and that the Bible may just be the most astute instrument of prophecy thus far. Yet prophets are not concerned by predicting the future, as much as they are by being conscious in the Now!

The code to being here and NOW is what Golden XPR – the path brought forth by emPowering NOW LLC – chose to recognize and extract. For it is only when I am here and now, in Jerusalem, a name that means the “City of Peace,” that I can decide out of Presence and not out of resistance… When in (my) Presence, I understand in my blood that there is only One of us…

♫ “Imagine no possessions; I wonder if you can…No need for greed or hunger… A brotherhood of man” John Winston Lennon

No more greed or hunger… This is the Land of Milk and Money, when I feel that it is in giving that I am receiving and in receiving that I am giving… Imagine having a code to the END of dissatisfaction (and thus no need for greed or hunger)… I know you and I can… Imagine now healing both commerce and communication, individually and collectively…

Consider: the wisdom of the Bible does not come from a story that is often mistranslated as “HIS story,” but more from its minute essence, the S/Hebrew alphabet itself. And so it is: the deeper I go, the smaller I get,
the more dynamic I become.

To discover how the first Word of the Torah is “the GOD Word that was in the beginning” (coming soon). To discover about the Hebrew alphabet as the DNA of Identities | (coming soon).