WHY do I lose my Power?

BECAUSE I am not even aware that I bought the Scriptures’ interpretations, hook, line and sinker, and that my conditioning is what robs me of my energy, force and momentum. 

As long as I identify to the thought that “I am not enough,” I do not have the Power to transform matter into energy: it stays rigid as my belief system. My issues come from unworthiness, a feeling that persists, as it has been transmitted throughout history from generation to generation. It makes me curious: where does “not enough” come from?

This is where I am called to hear and understand the pink elephant that has occupied the living room of humanity for eons. It lives in the interpretation of “chosen people,” which divides humanity into “special” and “not enough.” Since the Sun shines on everyone equally, there must be a code that is yet to bring a different light on the text.

“My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting the elephant!” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

It is utterly poignant that institutions would at the same time preach the joys of the Kingdom within and encourage the viewpoint of an out there, ruled by a Santa Klaus God, a Father figure, who keeps a running count of my good and bad deeds to determine whether I’m going to heaven or hell! The indoctrination is as immense as it is clever, as its key programs, e.g.; GOD, SIN, SEX, LAW, are immune to questioning. Truth is: I cannot “sin” against “God.” I can only make poor choices, whose effects I will have to bring back into balance: it is “law” that, to every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

I am SO asleep that it doesn’t register that Copernicus revealed that the Earth was not the center of the universe, or that Darwin’s theory of evolution showed me that we are just another species among millions of other species, or again, that quantum mechanics demonstrated that we are all connected. My ego prides itself to have been put by “God” in charge of the universe that “He” created. While bound to the religious matrix, I can only deny Science’s mandate—to open the gate of the true.

“So here is the utterly bizarre structure of today’s world: a scientific framework that is global in its reach and omnipresent in its information and communication networks, forms a meaningless skeleton within which hundreds of subglobal, premodern religions create value and meaning for billions; and they each—science and religion each—tend to deny significance, even reality, to the other. This is a massive and violent schism and rupture in the internal organs of today’s global culture, and this is exactly why many social analysts believe that if some sort of reconciliation between science and religion is not forthcoming, the future of humanity is, at best, precarious.” Ken Wilber, The Marriage of Sense and Soul.