WHY English?

BECAUSE “Angle-English” has also many “angles” or ways to look at “IT” and “Eagle-English” such a lofty and playful humor, it speeds up my metabolizing the paradox!

If S/Hebrew speaks in “GOD/dess” language (in paradox), English is thus far its best conveyor. The word QKabbalah, for example, has the sense of emptying and the meaning of “receiving.” Yet, if I were to go to a bookstore and ask for a book on the “QKabbalah,” I’d soon realize that there’s two opposite schools that are both based on the same Hebrew scriptures and yet transcribe the original Hebrew word in two different ways…

Rabbinical Kabbalists (Prophets, Scribes, Rabbis, Healers, Priests, Legalists…) spell Kabbalah with a K, and Hermetic Qabalists (Greek philosophers, Pagans, Christians, Gnostics, Alchemists, Freemasons…).spell it with a Q.

The playfulness of English resolves the dilemma by transmitting the Q and the K as the fusion of a Queen and female-like “receiving” with a King and male-like light. This light is for my soul to have and to hold, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, to love and cherish, till death “me and myself” do part.