WHY Hebrew & English?

BECAUSE these two languages were a match made in heaven, since they express two unique geniuses in the history of languages…

While Hebrew is the only symbolic alphabet that has not changed form since inception (and thus a master at transcending time), English is the most widely spoken language (and thus a master at transcending space).

The beginning of space-time is the beginning of mind. “In the Bible Big Bang Beginning, I created the heaven and the Earth…” Prior to my doing so, there was nothing for me to boast or to feel guilty about; not a thing! Science is precious as it gives me the proofs of what mystics endeavor to convey: before the Beginning, and before the appearance of matter, energy, space, time (all expressions of consciousness), there is and was an Absolute Void; a place of paradox, where something is at once male and female, good and evil.

This realm of impossibility is at once the Q of quantum physics and the Q of QKabbalah. As inspired by Niels Bohr, “If the QKabbalah of Golden XPR hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood yourself yet.” As it happens, Asian, African and European alchemists, the precursors of psycho-energetic sciences, all used Hebrew symbols to further their work. Nothing to do with being Jewish – naught!