WHY is Art Global?

BECAUSE Art has the beauty, the generosity and the purpose to reopen sentience. Sentience is global, as it is the capacity to feel and sense and how that which understands has an understanding of “God” as LOVE. 

♫ “Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand” Stevie Wonder, Sir Duke

When exposed to Art, both artist and audience feel this moment of supreme grace when time stands still. It is like being here and not here, in a place “in between,” where to empty the mind and make room for change. Such quality of receptivity, where Art and heart merge to express the Sacred “heART,” is what sentient beings are called to be, whether they choose to know it or not: a released soul in bodily form. It is pure love, and, as such, the Dream of everyone on “eARTh!”

Imagine now being an artiste… It isn’t hard to do, as it’s been accurately portrayed throughout the ages as a life of complete schizophrenia. On the one hand, I feel the ecstasy of creation – when I know that I am not the one creating, but more that an “IT” – something much greater than me – is painting me, singing me, writing me, dancing me…  On the other, I ritually fall into the agony of self-destruction. It’s like being stuck in an infernal time loop that swings me from doing good to doing harm and back, again and again, with no END in sight!

Truth be told: we are all artists and all here to create, whether our chosen Art is to paint the Sistine Chapel, build a business, raise a family or have optimal health. Here is the kicker: the more extreme the swing that we are willing to withstand as we move from agony to ecstasy and back, the more compassionate and thus far-reaching is the Art that will express through us. Tough life being an artist!