WHY is language Power?

BECAUSE consciousness (a.k.a. “God”) uses words to create what will end up being worlds: “in the beginning was the Word…”

Indeed, “I create as I speak,” which, incidentally, is the meaning of the Aramaic word Abracadabra! From beginning to end, here is the order in which I create (my) reality:

  • I think of a goal and believe fully (with 100% certainty) that I have reached it.
  • I feel this goal in my blood as I let myself be shaped and magnetized by it.
  • I act in congruence with being the goal, allowing it to come into clearer and clearer definition until it is made manifest in the here and NOW.

Yes, but…. When hearing “you create your reality,” my ego hears: “if I create it all, then I want lots of money, a great body… I want to meet my soulmate… Oh, and I want a new car, and a new home, maybe even a second home where I can travel and host great parties.”

Sound familiar? While there is nothing wrong with wanting to create any of this, life tells me how real my desires are.. Here is what I mean: is what I have in actuality aligned to what I say I want to have? If so, I am telling the truth about wanting what I want. If, for example, I have lots of money, I am sincere about 1) wanting lots of money, and 2) choosing to see lots of money. A misalignment between what I say I want and what I have indicates that I am unconsciously blocking my creativity.

Communication is not what is said and done.
It is the result of what is said and done.

WHY the fear of making an error?

BECAUSE deciding is intimidating, since, no matter what decision I make, it will create a result…

Shall I go right or left? Is it safe for me to stay? There is Power behind making a choice, which is why choosing terrifies me. When avoiding the changes that my decisions would generate, I speak and act out of fear and lose connection with my heart and my body. Unable to wait for the path to be clear, I let my emotions get the best of me. I am not conscious of making decisions either because I want to feel something or because I resist feeling something…

But WHY I would desire or resist anything? If life is about making conscious choices, consciousness is the job I’ve signed up for, whether I’m conscious of it or not! Accepting that the Power of decision may just be the most impactful Power, what would be the most impactful decision?

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW

WHY the Choice of Peace?

BECAUSE it is the only choice that makes sense, for me and for ALL, as it is the prerequisite to make sound judgments.  

What’s real? Where do I come from? What should I do? Who am I? Some questions are not easy to answer, and some answers are not easy to hear. For example, am I so afraid of making “an error” that I would let others dictate what is good and bad, right and wrong, acceptable and not, moral or immoral for me?

The choice of Peace is the decision to do no harm. It is also understanding fully why I didn’t want to become empowered.

Eventually, I become so good at waiting for the path to be clear that I notice something curious: I no longer fear Power, as I know that something way bigger than I – an “IT” – is what decides for me! I live in between the notes, in between the words, in between… as the silence. I make no choice that would accelerate the negative impact of cause and effect. I am simply closed for business. I don’t run. IT runs me. I don’t speak. IT speaks me. I don’t decide. IT decides me. Life has become easy.