WHY One language; One speech?

BECAUSE there is nothing more satisfying – for both, speaker and listener -than to be of One speech, when I mean what I say and say what I feel! As for recognizing One language,  some of us may need a miracle to have the courage to turn within and be the change we wish to see in the world. 

There are only two myths that can be found in every culture: first the story of the Flood and second, of a Tower that comes crashing down. The second myth addresses the loss of One language, One speech. Known in the Bible as the Tower of Babel, it is sourced in Sumer with hero Enmerkar who built a huge ziggurat, and implored god Enki to disrupt the linguistic unity of the lands.

The myth exposes the cancer of competition, when my self-esteem is so low that my pride will erect and tower over “you…”  I really think that you’re the enemy and that I must get you before you get me! My inappropriate rising into Power is due to fear. Each time my words are inauthentic, I am calculating for my own advantage..This is how I confuse tongues and estrange me from Love. Either my voice can’t be heard, or my words don’t make sense! Either way, we are not communicating.

While I can relate to being of One speech, the possibility of One language as the matrix of all languages seems unrealistic, although it is a nice dream… Seeing it would indeed be a “miracle!”