WHY Pluralizing Powers?

BECAUSE dividing Power into powers – even if they are angelic or heavenly powers –  may just enforce the illusion of separation by sending me on a quest for special “powers…”.

Powers (pl.) live in the domain of Religion, around which the entire matrix of the collective unconscious is built. This matrix absorbs my ability to discover my true nature and to deliberately live in accordance with it.

I may think that I am not a religious person, that I’ve renounced the trappings of Religion… I may not ever go to a synagogue, a church or a mosque. I may even think of me as an atheist, or an agnostic. Hear, hear: there is a difference between wanting to believe that I am an agnostic (that nothing can be known about “God”), and actually being an agnostic; someone who dropped all false knowledge and plays like a child, forever curious, fascinated and awed by the shimmers of reality’s fabric.

The same difference exists between what I want to believe as a Christian and what I actually believe when “anointed” as a Christ is, or what I want to believe as a Buddhist, and what I actually believe when “awake” as a Buddha is.

There’s a big controversy on the Jewish view of exactly when life begins.
In the Karaite tradition, the fetus is not considered viable
until after it graduates from medical school.