WHY Power and Force?

BECAUSE, every once in a while, I need to be reminded of who I really Am. So “God” or Netflix sends me a superhero to inspire me to vanquish dark Powers and to know that the Force is with me in this “Princess-process!” 

Here is my challenge: to save the Princess (that is, the right side of my brain) from the dungeon in which she is jailed, I must be “Prince enough” to face the dragons that block my way. Only then will I be able to be with my beloved. Yet how can I come into that much valiance when I am myself entrapped in the jail of “not enough?”

For eons, the interpretation of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic scriptures has worked to split spirit and matter. The message is as consistent as it is pervasive: the denigration of matter is linked to an Eve/Evil, whose sinful nature leads her to be seduced by the serpent. On the other hand, Spirit is the ideal that I am sworn to attain, as a heavenly light delivers me from the jail of the body and its lower urges…

Only then, I hope, there won’t be a punishing Father undercutting me with a stern “no good!” Yet no one is judging me but myself! These projections split me from the center of my authenticity, making me vulnerable to the “either or” of an addict. Whether I lose my Power to family, food, work, sex or to wanting to be right, it is the Devil who made me do it!