WHY the Formidable Force of the Feminine

BECAUSE denying the dark side of the Moon for too long unleashes the primal and ancient energy of rage that will destroy everything on its path until its voice is heard, understood and received.

Just like you, I have known pain, loneliness and despair. Just like you, I bleed when pricked. I am you, an ancient soul who came back from the future to “digest” a specific area of greed, and play my part in healing the Earth.

Greed is more than a rapacious desire for wealth. It is a will directed to Power; to controlling me, us, it – the world! It is the voice saying: “I can stop anytime,” and can’t hear its own screech. It is the anxiety that won’t quit, as it fears life in “$care City!” It is also and foremost the neurotic thought of revenge, whose terrible pain will one day lead me to give and forgive.

My will is directed to Power because, deep down, I feel that I don’t really have it since no one hears me. Therein is potentially my greatest pain: that the gifts that I am bringing would not be accepted. This is what enrages me the most. This is what leads me to become violent and want to do harm.

And yet… When I accept what seems unreal (that there is nothing out there) and live knowing that the Force is with me, the greed begins to transform into grace. Little by little, my mind opens to the sense of Enough.

When the terrible yearning begins to let go of me, I see the Truth: it all makes so much sense… How the word “matter” comes from Latin mater for “1. mother, 2. matter…” How the word “devil” is sourced in Greek diabellein for “to throw across, to project.” As for the word “Eve” is the Hebrew name I take on when the female side of my brain shifts from the Eternal NOW to what is known in Sanskrit as Samsara: the cycle of births and deaths that binds me to the material world.

Words don’t lie… I do! Just like you, I am learning to be honest. This is the only way I will ever be free of this terrible anger that is not so terrible after all, as it will drive me to the END of the false me. Therein is its purpose – to see it that the Beast reveals that it always was pure Beauty…