WHY would Power be a mystery, and even potentially, the mystery?

BECAUSE I can’t get over it: I am equally fascinated with it when I have it and when I don’t!

I want to know: what makes it that I would sometimes have “it” and sometimes not? Moreover, how can I insure that I’d never lose it? And right here is the bug to my Power program – in my quest for security! I am yet to have the courage to do the hardest thing ever: surrender my “free will” and the illusion of control that comes with it!

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
― Oscar Wilde

And it is wild! Sex is about Power (and Power about sex), because to fully enjoy either of them, I must let go of control and accept to be vulnerable. Indeed, if I am in my head, I can’t get NO satisfaction… I must surrender which, all together, is a very scary proposition… What if I did let go and still failed? And even scarier, what if I were to succeed in my creation?