WHY the “WHYS” Power?

WHY asking “WHY?”

BECAUSE I am yet to feel and understand WHY I invented lying…

Truth is I need no explanation or justification. I do what I do because that’s what I do. Such impeccability requires for me to be honest with myself and others (same). I give “you” my Power (i.e.; I start lying), when I fear that I may not get what I want or that I may lose what I have. I now hide my true motivations under a number of pretenses.

Up to now, I had no need to deceive. I was and lived in the wholeness of Peace. But when I go into a protective mode, I turn self-righteous, with a vengeance. I think I know what evil is and “this (finger pointing out), this is EVIL!”

Most often, it is the victim  in me who asks WHY? The question itself is a lie, as I am not really interested in a Truth that would set me free, but more in blaming the “you-niverse!” My WHY is really a defense rather than an inquiry, and an attack rather than an admission… If I am being dishonest, it’s because I believe that I am not enough to deal with what is real. So I bury myself in ignorance… I forget, I avoid, I repress and deny. I play stupid, asking WHY simply because I don’t want to change.

Disclaimer: every WHY of Golden XPR is asked by a mind so virginal it only seeks to be immaculate in its conception.

WHY the “WHYS” Power?

BECAUSE the word “WHYS” is impeccable enough to say what it means and mean what it says, and the letter Y, adaptable enough to be both a consonant and a vowel.

WHYS—noun, plural: questions on the cause, reason or purpose for which something is said or done. WISE—adj.:  as the innocence that knows the difference between doing good and doing harm.

It has been said that, when the WHY is big enough, the HOW and the WHAT will find a spontaneous answer. However, when the WHY is not big enough, I’ll use the HOW and the WHAT as excuses for not doing what I said I would. The WHYS of emPowering NOW are for me to raise a big enough WHY to open to 1) understanding, 2) choosing Peace and 3) emPowering the NOW.

So… WHY would I do harm? The question has been posed by theologians and philosophers since time immemorial. While the whims of behavior have inspired great writings, I still don’t know what motivates me to desire wrongdoing. It’s not that I’m evil, but more that I’m cut off from the greatest source of Power there is: my rage, which I corrupt under the guise of “righteous anger!” Rage is not and will never be about being right!

This rage is my passion – so enormous and ancient it terrifies me. And yet, the capacity to feel and make sense of it is how to reconnect to an etheric field encoding LOVE as a metalanguage. Including ALL memories, this cosmic language is global. It answers society’s core questions as well as my own, until I am so WISE that I have no questions and no answers.

Truth be told: there is no wrong that “you” have done that is not already written. By receiving the Power of symbols, I find a Voice that is so honest about intentionality that I’m left with one sole intention: to allow the Fire-Power to transmute “my” fury so as for me to be an emissary of Peace.

WHY Wisdom?

BECAUSE, for me to accept change (which comes with no warning, and on a need-to-know basis), I must know the difference between what is good and bad for me. This is to say, I must have the Power to choose Peace.

The universe has laws, such as cause and effect. What I cause through my words and actions will return to me as an effect: it is law. And yet, in spite of the cross-cultural wisdom of “do no harm,” I find that my communication, at times, is harmful: I create effects I would rather not have to experience!

My use of Power is devoid of Wisdom: I am yet to know what is good for me (and, by extension, to all), and what is not. Moreover, it even seems that my wires are so crossed that what I judge as good is actually bad for me, and vice-versa, e.g.; I say I want to lose weight, and I convince me that one more slice of pizza is actually good for me… It reminds me of an old story taking place in a garden called “Eden,” when, in response to my heart that had told me “don’t eat from this specific tree,” my ego retorts “did God tell you to not eat from any tree?”

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