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True: you and I have known pain, loneliness and despair. But what’s the Truth? More than ever, we’re hungry for a sense of awe that stretches us towards something greater than ourselves – toward the sacred. But will we acknowledge that there’s a big elephant blocking us from reaching it?

Our society has chosen to banish the soul by making its vocabulary taboo, starting with words such as GOD, LAW, SIN, SEX – four “minor” prompts used by our conscience to awaken us to LOVE. The more we ignore the voice of a conscience that directs us to give, the more we’re compelled to take, without ever being able to get any satisfaction!


The result of our lack of accountability is now massively visible in the violent schism between the haves and the have-nots. Is there a “SOULution” to how toxic (and talk-sick) we have become, individually and collectively? 

Golden XPR jumps heart first into the issue by reconciling science and religion, that is, the true and the Truth. True: you and I tend to use the Law as an external device to repress what we can’t accept in us. Truth: what if there really was a path to the END of dissatisfaction?

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