The Gold of XPR

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1. I click the number generator: which video "picked" me?
2. WHY this video? What touched me the most?

Golden XPR :: 1 – The Vision

Golden XPR :: 2 – A Nature-tongue

Golden XPR :: 3 – The Hunger for LOVE

Golden XPR :: 4 – The True & the Truth

5 :: The Power of WHYS

6 :: WHY the XPR Agreements?


1. I click the number generator: which video "picked" me?
2. WHY this video? What touched me the most?

1. Intro :: Caveat...

2. Intro :: WHY a Nature-Tongue?

3. Intro :: How do you eat an "Alephant?"

4. Intro :: The true or the Truth?

5:: The Power of WHYS

6:: WHY the XPR Agreements?


1. I complete the stem sentence: WHY do I think I CAN'T__________?

2. I press "Generate" button below to obtain a random number from 1 to 35.

3. I click the corresponding button below and read the page (preferably aloud).

4. I “receive” the word(s) that create an emotional disturbance as an answer to my query.

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This is very unique and powerful material and I am very grateful for being introduced to it.

Meghan H.   Denver, CO

The wisdom and depth of knowledge that Maha and Michael bring to this creation is beyond incredible. Be prepared to see life in a new and better way. 

Camille Gaines    Austin, TX

I am humbled by your abilities to listen and apply what Spirit desires.

Sandra Solomon  Austin, TX

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