The Code of Opposites

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Activating a metalanguage to understand, choose Peace and emPower the NOW

The Genesis Movement - the unifying equation behind the Code of Opposites

“Young Stephen Hawking meets Jane, his wife-to-be, and introduces himself as a cosmologist. “What’s cosmology?” she asks. He answers: “the religion for intelligent atheists.” “What do cosmologists worship?” she persists. “A single unifying equation that explains everything in the universe.” A Theory of Everything – the movie


"Mahalene has created an extraordinary system of consciousness exploration called Golden XPR. Her Divinely guided work is quite enlightening. Throughout each step in working with Mahalene, you will feel heard and understood. She is a consummate listener and is able to understand and move through the work with grace and ease. I highly recommend that you experience what Mahalene and Michael have to offer. You will be illuminated with insights and realizations."
Tony Cecala
Business Owner
"The wisdom and depth of knowledge that Maha and Michael bring to this creation is beyond incredible. Be prepared to see life in a new and better way."
Camille Gaines
Business Owner
'“if you build it, they will come” has nothing on this…'
Michael Wolf
CEO emPowering NOW
"It is my belief that Mahalene Louis' mystical formulation is a true extension of C.G. Jung's conscious types and archetypal psychology."
Ray Hawkins
Ph.D., ABPP (Clinical Psychology), Core Faculty, Lecturer, Psychology Dept., The University of Texas at Austin
"This work was the information I had been awaiting for years! It brought to my consciousness the perception of a hugeness that was beyond anything I had imagined before, and the knowing that I had a part in this hugeness."
reverend goddess sofreeyah
Founder - Ecclesya: Universal Church of Embrace

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