The Bottom Line

As you are soon to discover, you have just stumbled on a surreal proposition. What if you and I could return to an ideal form of relating and be real with each other, just out of having a metalanguage to help us feel the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart?

If this hypothesis were to be confirmed, we would have fulfilled a mission impossible, and realized a dream that has existed since the beginning of time: a universal healing device to allow for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All…

This page is the bottom line, where a few options are given to ground this dream into practicality. 

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Next, please contemplate these two questions...

Question #1

Question #2

Truth be told, the information which you are about to discover (namely the Path of Golden XPR) is likely to cause disturbances in your emotional body. And that is the good news, as XPR clearly hones in on the part of you that most needs healing and resists it.

Let us count the ways in which you may find yourself getting upset:







The ability to meet us where the pain is explains and supports the reasons why Golden XPR may just be the ultimate answer to a prayer for healing, and even to a prayer for Health with a big “H:” health in our relationships, health in our finances, health in our health. Health in everything!

The communication problem

  • Boundary :: THE Questions
  • Boundary :: THE MOVIE
Behind every violated boundary lurks a secret desire for one of the 3 “Ps.” – Power, Prestige or Prosperity.  Anonymous

The boundary questions are as follows: have you touched bottom? Are you sick and tired of being a slave to the material world?

Consider: if you had unlimited creativity and if money was not a concern, what would you do? What could you do? Might the boundaries you create around money (for good or bad) separate you from your soul’s expression?

  • Are you a gifted visionary who has a communication problem? Might it be that you don’t know how to have your transformational services received as valuable by those who are and/or could be directly affected by them?
  • Are you a global leader who has a communication problem? While you can make money, might it feel impossible to you to get off of the “hamster wheel” and give way to your soul’s expression?

Every decision you make, every word you speak, every action you take marks the creation (conscious or not) of boundaries…

Time urges us toward servant leadership, which begins with participating in the global healing of an abstraction we named “money.” Would a metalanguage help us to be real in the way we do commerce, whether we are giving or receiving? Indeed, how do we deal with the greed that has contaminated the whole system and thus lives in us?

While we may realize that the economic strategy of promoting unlimited growth and increasing consumption may lead to disaster, we can’t imagine where sustainable alternatives are or if they exist at all!

This is where XPR comes in, at once so compassionate and logical that it leads us to understanding that the cause of dissatisfaction is in the yearning for Power, Prestige and/or Prosperity. The fact that there is an END to dissatisfaction is now made credible and attainable.

The deliverable :: The sense of enough


The deliverable of Golden XPR is simple. It is “the Sense of Enough.”

The sense of enough is the ultimate QKabbalah, meaning the “receiving” of receivings… Do you relate to how limiting the "I am not enough" belief may be? If I knew I was enough, I would have the courage to inquire on my fears and persevere until I transcend them and see my heart’s desire made manifest.

Think of it… How does the thought “I’m not good enough” keep you out of life’s rhythms, either doing too much to compensate or “not enough?”

To come to a closure and transition into the Mystery, I must sense when enough is enough!

But being ordinary, when I want to be seen as so special? And here is the dance of the ego, having me swing from “I’m special” to “I’m not enough!”


  • Meet & Greet
  • Guided Tour

This is the occasion to spend a wonderful moment with one of the co-founders of emPowering NOW – Maha and Michael, who are passionate about sharing Golden XPR. It is also the possibility to evaluate, feel and sense how precise XPR is in revealing the blind spot where unconscious limiting beliefs are in hiding.

Before taking a Guided Tour, you are invited to connect with us at a meet & greet. To schedule | click here.

Two interactive options to engage

  • The Beeline
  • The Great Voyage

We are in the 3rd millennium, which invites a giant paradigm shift in the way we understand “God” and the creative process. The advance of technology and its impact on our society is evident. The core challenges (life is dissatisfaction, the cause of dissatisfaction is the yearning, etc.) and ensuing stresses, physically, emotionally, and mentally, are still here. Yet they are now greatly amplified by the complexity of our communication systems.

In light of this backdrop, how do I honor my spiritual life and transform my relationship to the material world? I have so many demands on my attention that I have no time or even energy for long-winded studies, however beautiful they may be. I need a direct approach – a simple package deal that will get me results.

This describes our beeline option, which is designed as follows:
  1. Weekly group course: The PaRaDiSe Circle.
  2. Optional one-on-one support.
  3. Access to the foundational materials: The Genesis Pattern Book 1 & 2.

About the PaRaDiSe Circle: we are ordinary people, gathering to do shadow work and practice deep introspection to know ourselves and solve everyday problems. A question we explore: WHY would we resist doing what we know we “should” do, when resisting leads us to do harm?

The more we engage in this inquiry, the more we see that communication is the result of what we say and do. Eventually, we no longer set ourselves up to be dissatisfied, as we come to tell the truth, saying what we feel and meaning what we say.

The invitation to join our circles comes from the heart: “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters. And if you have no money, come, buy and eat. Come, buy without money for this wine and milk are unsalable!” Isaiah 55:1

Monthly contribution: $50   

Register | here.

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