About Us

This is where I can find out about the emPowering NOW Movement, our twin mission, the people behind it and our upcoming events… We ask ourselves: where do we come from? What motivates us to travel and bring forth the path of Golden XPR? How is emPowering NOW LLC offering a futuristic vision for doing business?

WHY emPowering NOW LLC?

BECAUSE emPowering NOW naturally happens when we are at the END of suffering. As for emPowering NOW LLC, we chime in with Benjamin Franklin who said: “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

This is true: investing in the State of being REAL may be as important as investing in REAL Estate. It may even be more important, as the decision of buying a home (and of how much a home we buy) is made on the very real basis of how much energy we are ready, able and willing to spend. Any denial of responsibility will tamper with the pleasure we’ll derive from our investment, and/or with our ability to invest. Bottom line: it is ALL about reality, another name for “God!”

More than a company, we are a movement that presents, implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-human sentient animals. They can help us remove the veto we placed on the Soul and on SEX, so that we can restore the capacity to feel and sense. This capacity is sentience, or how that which understands has an understanding of “God” / reality.

It can be as real as the possibility to transition, individually and collectively, from communicating a GReed that splits Giving and Receiving to communicating a GRace that unites Giving and Receiving.

Thus the importance of a futuristic vision of a business that merges matter and spirit, the letter of the law and its spirit. This leaves a few questions…

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW