WHY a Mystery School?

BECAUSE, one day, I will decide to do what it takes to be free. And on that day, I will require spiritual guidance to face the fear of feeling how deep my rage goes and understand WHY I am ambivalent about becoming emPowered. 

“I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are mere details.”
Albert Einstein

Life ITSELF is the Mystery, as life is not the opposite of death; birth is! My challenge – and the source of my complaints – is my inability to transcend the judgments binding me to the material world. I thus keep on coming back to doing the same thing over and over again while pretending to expect different results. And yes, it is pure insanity!

To understand what I term “God” and/or any mysteries, I must first understand myself. Thus the aphorism “Know Thyself,” as one the 147 Delphic maxims at Delphi. Here is the good news and the bad news: I am IT! Perennial truths are not out there. They are felt within, as I come into the Truth of my own heart.

Throughout history, Mystery Schools have hidden in plain sight, in order to protect, preserve and perpetuate the secrets of ancient knowledge. This secret knowledge is now made available, due to the massive shifts the Earth is now undergoing. Each school aims at transmitting the shamanic and Gnostic ways of a specific lineage; e.g.; an Eastern Mystery school would teach how to embody the Wisdom of Hindu or Buddhist traditions.

While each School has its own entrance into the Mystery, they all prophesied the coming of an extraordinary time, when a unified Teaching (i.e.; the One language of a global cosmology) will create a paradigm shift akin to a mass return to a mythical kingdom such as a “Shambhala” or a “Garden of Eden.”