WHY emPowering NOW?

BECAUSE emPowering NOW naturally happens when we are at the END of suffering. As for emPowering NOW LLC, we chime in with Benjamin Franklin who said: “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

This is true. I must first know myself and enter the State of being REAL to invest in anything, especially when it comes to REAL Estate. The decision of buying a home and how much a home we buy is made on the very real basis of how much energy we are ready, able and willing to spend. Any denial  will tamper with the pleasure I derive from my investment and/or with our ability to invest. Bottom line: it is ALL about reality, another name for “God!”

Thus the importance of a futuristic vision of a business that merges matter and spirit, the letter of the law and its spirit. This leaves a few questions…

  • WHY is emPowering NOW not a charity?
  • WHY are the two dot-coms – communication and commerce – so big?
  • WHY me, myself and the Sense of Enough?

WHY is this not a charity?

BECAUSE our mission is of a different nature. It is to heal our ideas about giving/receiving – especially money – by ushering a way to disengage from our materialistic perception of the world…  

emPowering NOW LLC went to the future to find a technology that would break the seals placed on ancient Wisdom. There was a golden age when money was a welcomed tool of exchange, and not the mark of how much Power and even potency we had. This was a time when offering a product and/or a service was equitable because it was held as equally valuable by the buyer and the seller. Our understanding of the One of us was such that any level of dishonesty was unthinkable.

Coins and bills, which were a good idea for the whole, were soon turned around by a few… We are now in the 3rd millennium… The economic strategy of promoting unlimited growth and increasing consumption is leading us to the brink of disaster. Hearing “less is more” is now so important that the meme morphed itself into “less is mores.” Feeling this connection is how the emPowering NOW team made the Sense of Enough the guiding principle of our life, the deliverable of our curriculum and the currency of our business.

More than a company, we are a movement that presents, implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-human sentient animals. They can help us mean what we say and say what we feel. In other words, their sentience can return us to our nature – honesty.  Honesty is how to transition, individually and collectively, from communicating a GReed that splits Giving and Receiving to communicating a GRace that unites Giving and Receiving.

WHY are the two dot-coms of com-munication and com-merce so big?

BECAUSE symbols, who are abundantly thriving in this digital age, are actual non-human sentient animals. They can help us mean what we say and say what we feel. In other words, their sentience can return us to our nature – honesty. 

As for the link between communication and commerce, consider: when we travel in a foreign country, the first words we learn (even if we must sign them) are those that help us fulfill the need for food and lodging.

And here is where the symbols speak in a voice that is audible by the deaf and a script that is visible by the blind…

Let’s do an experiment using the $ sign… Its shape evokes a caduceus, or that which was adopted as the emblem of the medical profession and universally known as the insignia of healing. The caduceus is and was the staff of Hermes, the god of healing who intertwines two snakes: communication and commerce.  More than ever before in the history of humanity, these two “snakes” are in dire need of healing.

WHY me, myself and the Sense of Enough?

BECAUSE I must see for myself, and this applies whether I am a client of emPowering NOW, an XPR advisor or even the company’s CEO or its treasurer, that being enough, doing enough and having enough may just be the most precious gift I could ever receive!

♫ “Imagine no possessions; I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger… A brotherhood of man…”
 John Winston Lennon

In the infinite field of possibilities, emPowering NOW LLC offers free resources and fee resources, which are priced to accommodate any budget. The Sense of Enough question comes in only when I am ready to decide to be an active member of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School.

This decision is not about time or money, but about how much I want to be free.  If it were about either, it would consume ALL available resources in the Universe, and still not be enough.

To insure that Golden XPR is honored as a sacred gift, emPowering NOW LLC invites me to decide deliberately on the nature of my investment in myself by feeling the value of my contribution. The “Sense of Enough” is a paradox: on the one hand, my chosen number doesn’t put my finances in danger. On the other, it scares me, as it is a risk. This risk is also a call for Power – to become ready to receive the Truth that will change my life.

Receiving is the meaning of S/Hebrew word QKabbalah – the soul of the Wisdom Teaching. When I know in my blood that it is in giving that I “receive,” I am enough.

There is no one and nothing out there. This is the good news and the bad news… I am the only one that can make THE Decision to carve out what blocks me from being the change I wish to see out there…  And on that day, the world will mirror to me that enough is “in off,” and I will know the Peace beyond understanding.


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