WHY the Bible’s Power?

We’ll give you SIX reasons, and a movie…
  • BECAUSE it is a phenomenon bordering on the unbelievable: how could the Bible have the Power to influence and motivate an entire culture for at least 3,000 years?
  • BECAUSE, even If I have abandoned religion, the “religious” problem is still with me, starting with the idea of Heaven and Hell, the retributions for good and bad deeds, Justice versus Mercy…
  • BECAUSE there is another interpretation to the story of Adam, Eve and the snake, an interpretation that is actually SEXY, as it brings an end to the war of sexes. That war started in the other interpretation, the one that has worked for eons to split spirit and matter, the one that sees EVE as “EVIL” for letting herself be seduced by the snake.
  • BECAUSE the Bible exists in that in-between space that is half into the surreal, and half into articulated knowledge. It is both linear and random, written forward and backward, for me to transcend time, space and mind. 
  • BECAUSE the Bible’s language is a multi-faceted and sacred geometry of symbols, yet to be explored and experienced as a transmission to make the “God” Mystery known.
  • BECAUSE religion, especially the Abrahamic religions, has never really been addressed. Who would be that crazy? Who would have that authority?

#eternitweet: an ancient alphabet comes back from the future, encrypting infinite light pathways for me to surf the forever refreshing verses of a Bible that is hyperlinked into itself, just as the internet is.

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.
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