WHY a Universal Code?

BECAUSE, as long as I don’t open to the possibility that a unifying equation – a one-size-fits-all code – could exist, my ego is gonna get me with the belief “I’m too special for this to work…”  

“Young Stephen Hawking meets Jane, his wife-to-be, and introduces himself as a cosmologist.
“What’s cosmology?” she asks.
He replies “the religion for intelligent atheists.”
“What do cosmologists worship?” she persists.
“A single unifying equation that explains everything in the universe.” 

From the movie A Theory of Everything

Many books have been written and much information is available on the Bible Code. Given as one long sentence of 304,805 letters, the letters of the Torah (the original version of the Five Books of Moses) can be pulled in such way as to retrace the main events of the past 3200 years. Code breakers are spellbound: statistically the chances of that happening are at the least 100,000 to 1.

There are now enough proofs for scientists to accept that something uncanny is going on with the Bible, which may just be the most astute instrument of prophecy thus far. This code was yet to be extracted psychologically, to give me a chance to predict the patterns of my pain story in such a way that I can interrupt them.

The code was under our nose, as the first word of the Hebrew Torah, traditionally translated as “in the beginning…” Its letters were hiding a sequence that encrypts the patterning of mind, in sickness and in health. The first line of the Book of John can now be read with new eyes: “the Word was ‘in the beginning,’ and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

In this first word is revealed the unifying equation of the Genesis Pattern, challenging the belief that World Peace is impossible. It unites the two big archetypal enemies (science & religion) and by extension, the two sides of me (male & female). Once felt as the wisdom of my conscience, this equation explains everything in the WORD that kept me from seeing One WORLD.

The pattern emanates from life’s original matrix through a keyword whose geometry keeps on having fun, as it is exponentially fruitful and multiplying. Just like a fractal in nature makes it possible to sense and comprehend the patterns of dynamically changing systems, the fractals of Golden XPR continue to rearrange their core matrix into self-similar configurations. This makes it possible for me to start understanding my own patterning (and thus know WHY I think I don’t have the Power to _____). 

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.
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