The Deliverable

The deliverable of Golden XPR is simple. It is “the Sense of Enough.”

The sense of enough is the ultimate QKabbalah or the “receiving” of receivings… If I knew I was enough, I would have the courage to transcend my fears and persevere until my heart’s desire is made manifest. Do you relate to that?

Think of it… How does the thought “I’m not good enough” keep you out of life’s rhythms, either doing too much to compensate or “not enough?” 

To come to a closure and transition into the Mystery, I must sense when enough is enough! And enough is a sense and a feel. To be aware of it, I must be in my body and my soul.

  • Enough is a chef tasting a soup and knowing the alchemy of spices is perfect…
  • Enough is an artist looking at the canvas knowing that it is done.
  • Enough is an athlete knowing to go beyond the edge of effort, but not further…
  • Enough is basically the ordinariness that knows to eat when hungry and to stop when fed. It is to rest when tired and to wake up when restored.

But being ordinary, when I want to be seen as so special? And here is the dance of the ego, having me swing from “I’m special” to “I’m not enough!”

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