Opening to the heART of XPR

This is an invitation to go where no mind has gone before – in a Wisdom Teaching that is so ancient it came back from the future to be felt, for me to understand WHY I’d repeat the past. It will inspire me to join both sides of me – male and female; right hand to left hand and thus emPower the NOW.

WHY Opening to the heART of Golden XPR?

BECAUSE I am looking for something that is bold, provocative and outrageous enough to blow up my mind. I’m willing to go into a brand new territory if it helps me to feel WHY I can’t stop repeating the past. As for getting this result from the letters of the law supporting the spirit of the law, this sounds just crazy enough to be exactly what the cosmic doctor ordered! 

Context: one day, I realized I had a communication problem. I knew what to do to be free. I just didn’t want to do it! When I asked WHY I’d be so insane, the Voice said: “you understand the meaning of what your heart speaks, but not the sense. As you drop the knowledge you borrowed (your story), you make room for sentience to run in your blood.”

Sentience – the capacity to feel and sense –
is how that which understands has an understanding of “God.”

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