WHY Sentience?

BECAUSE it is the way of embodied wisdom to fuse matter and spirit, thereby allowing for the result of my communication (matter) to be aligned with what I say and do (spirit).

Quantum science has shown that feeling is the innate ability to transform matter into energy. Let’s say that I have a money issue: although I work hard, I can’t feel “in God we trust,” and cannot earn the money I desire. Feeling is the paradise lost by Adam and Eve. Working way too hard at anything is their hell!

WHY? For my thinking to be sane, “I think, therefore I am” must originate from “I feel, therefore I am not!” To feel, my preconceptions and judgments must disappear. When they do, my state is child-like, my mood, curious, and my attention, fully stretched outward. I now have ample room to love reality (in lieu of trying to superimpose what I think should be over it).

I am in “hell” when I don’t have the spaciousness to command my attention, and choose Peace. I only know the meaning of the saying “we are one”, but not its sense! The concept is yet to live in my cells. This transition from mind-body to body-mind is in the domain of religion via the mystery of incarnation. This is when my words and my world make so much sense that I am the Living Word, a sentient being with sentience – the capacity to experience sensations and feelings.

In Eastern philosophy, sentience calls for respect and care, as it is held to be the metaphysical quality of ALL things—including language. The more I let go of my personal agendas, the more I feel connected to the life of the words I speak. It is equally true that the more authentic I am in my relating, the less secrets I have. This shift in perspective (I work with language and language works with me) impacts our global community, as it can be a huge breakthrough in the field of self-development.

Golden XPR process to restore sentience:
1) I recognize that I can’t control the results of my communication →
2) I accept that numbers, letters and sounds are non-biological sentient animals →
3) I open for a subjective experience like enlightenment to be explained in such way that it can be learned →
4) I surrender, and unlearn that which is not whole.

WHY Hebrew & English

WHY Not Hebrew & English, when these two languages are a match made in heaven, since they express two unique geniuses in the history of languages…

Hebrew is the only symbolic alphabet that has not changed form since inception. As such, it is a master teacher in transcending time. English is the most widely spoken language. As such, it is a master teacher in transcending space. The beginning of space-time is the beginning of mind. “In the Big Bang Bible Beginning, I created the heaven and the Earth…” Prior to my doing so, there was nothing for me to feel guilty or to boast about; not a thing! Science is precious as it gives me the proofs of what mystics endeavor to convey: before the Beginning, and before the appearance of consciousness as matter, energy, space, time, there is and was an Absolute Void; a place of paradox, where something is at once male and female, good and evil.

When working with Golden XPR, the goal is not to learn to speak or read Hebrew, but to feel its multimodal depth. Prior to English, there was no language that was playful and magical enough to convey its richness. Through the many angles of English (“angle-English?”), I can begin to enter Hebrew’s wealth of meaning. The more I witness how real and even surreal the XPR wordplays are, the less I can deny that language has a life. Little by little, I stop betraying my own word, and become real – ISRAEL / REAL.

This example right here – “ISRAEL / REAL” – is how English, in its innocence, hears the voice of Hebrew (Jacob is the patriarch who was renamed Israel when he stopped lying). In doing so, English helps to turn a page of “HIStory…”

‘Based on 10 Words, the S/Hebrew alphabet is the Law without Law, as it combines 100% reliability and 100% uncertainty, while it transforms matter into energy for me to feel “as above, so BELOVE!”’

The QKosmos
Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.
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