Going Global

The idea of an alternative society where we recognize each other as sisters and brothers is increasingly beckoning us. Moreover, community makes good common sense, since living independently from existence can’t be done! You and I are interdependently connected, whether we sense it or not.

Since everything depends on everything else, how do we shift from hurting each other as we attempt to establish order by way of domination, to feeling the kind of respect that salutes the divine order in everyone and everything, including in chaos? How do we feel in our blood that nobody is lower and nobody, higher, nobody chosen and nobody ignored, and that existence is an eternal love affair?

The solution involves transcending the mind, and dying to the “I am the body” thought – a thought which creates separation. The thing is: there is no individual enlightenment. All individuals are joined together with the whole. Therefore, any proposed solution must be a “SOULution,” a way that can touch the SOUL of every being, and, at the least, of every being sincerely desiring to be free.

We are born connected. However, we lose the felt sense of being One with everything, as soon as we’re trained to be somebody. To awaken back into the unity that sustains interdependency and feel the “God” that permeates ALL things, we must become ready for how Truth will change our life.

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin

And the day will come (I can be sure of that), when I transcend my fear of death, and embrace the global paradox. I will balance uniqueness with diversity, and come to the END of the path, an END which is also a NDE – a Near Death Experience.

Such death allows me to know Health, Health with a big “H;” Health in the way I treat my body, Health in the way I do relationships, money, life… Mirroring the way the Bible alphabetizes the stories of suffering, the Alphabet of Health makes it EZ for me to begin to see a global path (East to West) to detoxify the body-mind from any and all poisons. I now come to the END of dissatisfaction, knowing that I am enough and that there is more…

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.
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