WHY Golden?

BECAUSE gold resonates with the noble beauty of perfect proportions, when I have the sense of enough and know when to let it rest.

Such sense is conveyed by the Golden Mean, as the Art of maintaining an optimal moderate position between two extremes. It is in the Golden Rule as the heart of religiousness itself. It is also in the Philosopher’s Stone as the science of transmuting metal or “mental” into matter and energy.

A major problem in today’s science is: what role does the mental play? Can mind change itself into matter? And how does matter turn itself into energy?

For hundreds of years alchemists looked at the same questions, toiling in their laboratories to generate a mythical substance known as the Philosopher’s Stone. This stone was key to the transmutation of lead into gold, the creation of an elixir of life as a remedy that would cure all diseases and promote longevity, and the discovery of a universal solvent. But despite their passion, perseverance and acumen, the philosopher’s stone lay forever out of reach.

Consider: when I feel that I am enough, my contentment  eliminates all anxiety and invites possibilities.

Alchemists were the scientists of old. Unlike classical science which focuses on a mechanistic universe operating out there in linear time via cause and effect, alchemists saw that everything was intimately connected. They would say: “as above, so below; as within, so without.” Thus, while they also wanted to make a difference, their process began within. Their exact way of seeing “the world” through the miracle of oneness evolved into quantum physics.

New physics asks a simple question: since space. time, energy and matter weren’t here before the Big Bang Bible Beginning, where did they come from? The answer: they came from the absolute void; a place of paradox, where something is at the same time yin and yang, dark and light, dead and alive!

This realm of impossible possibilities is at the heart of quantum physics. It is also the core of religion: it lives in the Garden of Eden as the famous Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Such biblical knowledge is sexual (“and Adam knew his wife”). This is to say, it is a knowledge that is created male and female, light and dark. As such, it goes beyond time, space and mind.

Mind: the final frontier. These are the voyages (“WHY ages”) I take via Golden XPR, as I continue to explore the strange WORDS creating my WORLDS, and to boldly hear that which was never spoken before.

Mazel Tov!
“May the stars be favorable”
to our journey to the El Dorado of Enough!