Speaking Engagements

Welcome! You are now in Speaking Engagements – the eXPeRimenting channel of Golden XPR… 

Meet M&M as in Maha & Michael. More than speakers, we are actually inviting a dialog where to allow for each voice to be heard. While Maha is (as per her own admission) a motivational listener with a hearing loss, Michael comes from Arneckeville, TX… Or might it be Anarchy Ville, TX?

Indeed being exposed to Golden XPR is unheard of: it is disturbing, spiritually incorrect and beautiful / taboo-full! It is however in light of its strangeness that the XPR information supports and leads to a transformation.

Moreover, eXPeRimenting is not about Maha or Michael, but more about the Middle ground – the field in between, where you and I meet… These presentations are highly interactive – and fun and safe and heartfelt. The format of our events speak equally to leaders and visionaries.

So yes, this introduction is designed as a game – the WHYS Game – to take us as deep down the “habit” hole as we choose to go at this time. These intro presentations are for individuals as well as groups. They are available with Maha and/or Michael as guides.

What would change if I could begin to feel WHY I am still hesitating to become fully emPowered?

Please fill in the form below (with as much detail as possible) to request one or both of us to speak at an upcoming event.