The Path of Golden XPR

Golden XPR – The Vision

Caveat – These words are live food. Ingesting them is to become an active part in a magic tale, written by a “QKosmic” voice (yours and mine) to orient each sentient being towards the embodiment of wisdom.

WHY a Nature Tongue?

BECAUSE, if there is a genetic language used by the Earth to invoke its mystery, and if the ocean whispers to the Moon and a tree is born out of the equation, then I want to see this language. I wish for it to be accessible to me and anyone who desires to stretch to the perfection that a flower, for example, models in the way it lives and dies.

The Hunger for LOVE

How do you eat an “Alephant?” One byte of information at a time!

The True & The Truth

I can accept the true, e.g.; I did suffer from loneliness. But a Truth that would fit all? True: I make the law an external device to repress what I can’t accept in me. Truth: you and I; we, come to the end of dissatisfaction, and are the change we wish to see in the WORLD by being true to our WORD.

Will I choose to contribute more honesty to our WORLD?

Golden XPR – Map to Infinity

WHY is the Map to Infinity a treasure map? 
BECAUSE having a map leads me to find that I am the treasure – I Am the One I was looking for, infinitely so!

WHY an Infinity Map?
BECAUSE imagining no boundaries is how I see that the treasure had always been here… To help me, I am given courses designed by the physics of beliefs, in their relation to the geometry of evolution. I begin in 1-Opening, which naturally leads me to 2-Separating, which naturally leads me to 3-Changing… I eventually come to 9-Completing, and no longer block the fulfillment of my potential.

Gentle warning: the ways of LOVE are mysterious. At any time of my XPR adventure, I may find that I am the One I was looking for…

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