The Great Voyage

The Great Voyage is for you who leaves no stone unturned, seeks to deepen wisdom and to expand freedom of expression by increasing the ability to feel and sense yourself as the sentience of the Living Word.

The XPR path is an ancient path that comes back from the future. It waited for the quantum age for its information to resonate as the languaging of light, and is now ready to take me on a journey via a sacred alphabet that has been in existence for at least 3500 years.

The XPR letters say it: they are the evolution in Roman script of a Hebrew root which forms the words Sappir for “light,” Mispar for “numbers,” Sippur for “story” or sounds, Sepher for “book” or letter, Sephirah for “sphere” (the equivalent of Sanskrit chakra). As such, XPR encompasses what consciousness does – to use the Word to create the World.

The simple question is: what will it take for me to say “yes” to everything and not resist anything? By revealing the geometrical intention underlying the wondrous signs of the Torah, each XPR “book” allows me to trust in the aesthetic of order. Each step I take, I am conscious to be guided on a Map to Infinity, when I emPower the NOW. Working in polarity, physics to metaphysics, gives me the courage to tell the truth, and to be heard.

WHY offering this work via the Sense of Enough?

BECAUSE the Sense of Enough is the ultimate QKabbalah, when I know in my blood that it is in giving that I “receive.” This work is not about time or money, but about how much I want to be free. To ensure that Golden XPR is honored as a sacred gift, emPowering NOW LLC invites me to decide deliberately on the nature of my investment in myself by feeling the true value of my donation. This is the paradox of the “Sense of Enough ™.” On the one hand, my chosen number doesn’t put my finances in danger. On the other, it scares me, as it is a risk. This risk is also a call for Power – for becoming ready to receive the Truth that will change my life.

WHY an Infinity Map?

BECAUSE imagining no boundaries is how I see that the treasure (the Self) had always been here… To help me, I am given courses designed by the physics of beliefs, in their relation to the geometry of evolution. I begin in 1-Opening, which naturally leads me to 2-Separating, which naturally leads me to 3-Changing… I eventually come to 9-Completing, and no longer block the fulfillment of my potential.

Gentle warning: the ways of LOVE are mysterious. At any time of my XPR adventure, I may find that I am the One I was looking for…

Golden XPR – The Vision

Caveat – These words are live food. Ingesting them is to become an active part in a magic tale, written by a “QKosmic” voice (yours and mine) to orient each sentient being towards the embodiment of wisdom.

WHY a Nature Tongue?

BECAUSE, if there is a genetic language used by the Earth to invoke its mystery, and if the ocean whispers to the Moon and a tree is born out of the equation, then I want to see this language. I wish for it to be accessible to me and anyone who desires to stretch to the perfection that a flower, for example, models in the way it lives and dies.

The Hunger for LOVE

How do you eat an “Alephant?” One byte of information at a time!

The True & The Truth

I can accept the true, e.g.; I did suffer from loneliness. But a Truth that would fit all? True: I make the law an external device to repress what I can’t accept in me. Truth: you and I; we, come to the end of dissatisfaction, and are the change we wish to see in the WORLD by being true to our WORD.

Will I choose to contribute more honesty to our WORLD?

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