The Bottom Line

Welcome! As you are soon to discover, you have just stumbled on a surreal proposition: what if you and I could return to an ideal form of relating and be real with each other, just out of having a metalanguage to help us feel the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart?

If this hypothesis were to be confirmed, we would have fulfilled a mission impossible, and realized a dream that has existed since the beginning of time: a universal healing device to allow for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All…

This section is the bottom line, where a few options are given to ground this dream into practicality.

Let’s begin… Are you secure enough to allow yourself to be distressed when comfortable, and comforted when distressed?

Truth be told, the information which you are about to discover (namely the Path of Golden XPR), is likely to cause disturbances in your emotional body. And that is the good news, as XPR clearly hones in on the part of you that most needs healing and resists it.

There are no small upsets. They are all equally dis­turbing to my peace of mind.

A Course in Miracles

Let us count the ways in which you may find yourself getting upset:

  1. Depth: the exponential layers of meaning can be frustrating as they require your full attention to be felt, understood and peeled as your very own layered “stuff.”
  2. Gumption: the bold way that XPR speaks as an “I” to involve you directly into an “eXPeRiential” process can be intimidating and even, at times, confronting.
  3. Magnitude: the substantial scope of XPR can be challenging. You may fear getting lost in its many dimensions while seeing that this project is at once completely unbelievable and totally credible.
  4. Accuracy: the uncanny precision and the potency with which XPR sheds light on your blind spots can be annoying, especially when you may not want to hear or see the truth.
  5. Weirdness: the various colors and strange words including both uppercase and lowercase may be disorienting and even disturbing. And yet, colors, numbers and scrambled letters are how codes express themselves.
  6. Innovation: this may be the greatest pushbutton of all, as it equally touches those who try to rebel against organized religion as it does those who try to obey and follow it. On that note, XPR is not changing the letters of “The Law” one iota. It offers a novel (and very kosher) interpretation of the Judeo-Christian scriptures that has so much common sense that it becomes a transmission. This felt sense is “common sense” as it makes it easy for the individual and/or the collective to have the congruence that knows what to do (“the Law”) and actually does it with total pleasure. It also unites us in the realization that there is only one religion (LOVE) whose perennial truths are a universal and “common” ground that humanity shares.

The ability to meet us where the pain is explains and supports the reasons why Golden XPR may just be the ultimate answer to a prayer for healing, and even to a prayer for Health with a big “H:” health in our relationships, health in our finances, health in our health. Health in everything!

To feel the XPR formula at work in your blood, you have two options:

  • The Beeline: enlightenment on a shoestring budget and on the run.
  • The Great Voyage: the call to be an emissary between above and below.
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