WHY Art?

BECAUSE Art has the beauty, the generosity, and the purpose to open sentience. Sentience, the capacity to feel and sense, is global, as it is how that which understands has an understanding of “God.” 

♫ “Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand”

Stevie Wonder, Sir Duke

When exposed to Art, both artist and audience feel this moment of supreme grace when time stands still. It is like being here and not here, in a place “in between,” where to empty the mind and make room for change. Such quality of receptivity, where Art and heart merge to express the Sacred “heART,” releases the soul to be in bodily form. Such pure love is potentially the aspiration of all sentient beings, whether they choose to know it or not.

Let’s imagine that I am an artist… It isn’t hard to do, since it’s been accurately portrayed throughout the ages as a life of privilege doubled by complete schizophrenia. On the one hand, I feel the ecstasy of total freedom in creation, as I let go enough to allow the creative fire to speak through me. I know that I am not the one creating, but more that an “IT” – something much greater than me – is painting me, singing me, writing me, dancing me… On the other hand, I fall prey to the agony of self-destruction, since, as soon as I go back to the “real” world, I lose my magic, and become the slave of a material world. Whether I give my Power to family, food (drugs, alcohol, etc.), sex, or money, I’m stuck in the jail of an infernal time loop that swings me from ecstasy to agony, again and again, with no END in sight… Might as well kill me!

Truth be told: we are all artists and all here to create, whether our chosen Art is to paint the Sistine Chapel, build a business, raise a family or develop optimal health. Here is the kicker: the more extreme the swing that we are willing to withstand as we move from agony to ecstasy and back, the more compassionate and thus far-reaching the Art that will express through us. Tough life being an artist!

Tough life, but also what a blessing Art is, as it is just like sex, the first step (not the last) towards being One with everything…

So, WHY Not Trusting Artists (Yet)?

Outrageous Mick Jagger nailed it: CAUSE ♫ “I try and I try and I try…”   

Artists have the courage to go outside the box, and to imagine no boundaries… To do so, they let go of the familiar and enter the abysmal dimension of the unknown – the field of past and future memories. They get a hunch, and then articulate the new data in such a way that it can be perceived by others. They go beyond the event horizon, embody the impulse, explore it, and transform it. They contend with what they don’t understand to make it tangible, real, in form and informed…

The fact that Art has and is the generosity to open sentience is obliterated by another fact: artists may have mastered their craft, but not themselves. Self-mastery is the domain where they are just “trying.” And this is enough of a reason for society to not trust the solutions that they alone could bring: quite a dilemma!

“The height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. …And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

But what if a couple of artists, having had enough lifetimes of self-destruction, listened to the voice of intuition that guided them in creating a piece of Sacred Art that would heal the mind from its illusion of separation? Not only would the making of this “Master Peace” permit the artist to go to extremes while staying centered, but it would also convey the same experience to anyone “watching” this Art…

Yep! The idea of being commissioned to create a virtual Art installation to be experienced as a global cosmology is downright crazy. This complete originality is actually the best reason WHY it may be real. Moreover, the idea that a subjective experience such as enlightenment could be articulated in such way that it could be learned… It is ground-breaking! It also would have enormous implications for the future of humanity.

“If the Quantum QKabbalah of Golden XPR hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood yourself yet!”
Inspired by Niels Bohr’s genius.

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.
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