The Beeline

We are in the 3rd millennium, which invites a giant paradigm shift in the way we understand “God” and the creative process. The advance of technology and its impact on our society is evident. The core challenges (life is dissatisfaction, the cause of dissatisfaction is the yearning, etc.) and ensuing stresses, physically, emotionally, and mentally, are still here. Yet they are now greatly amplified by the complexity of our communication systems.

In light of this backdrop, how do I honor my spiritual life and transform my relationship to the material world? I have so many demands on my attention that I have no time or even energy for long-winded studies, however beautiful they may be. I need a direct approach – a simple package deal that will get me results.

This describes our beeline option, which is designed as follows:
  1. Weekly group course: The PaRaDiSe Circle.
  2. Optional one-on-one support.
  3. Access to the foundational materials: The Genesis Pattern Book 1 & 2.

About the PaRaDiSe Circle: we are ordinary people, gathering to do shadow work and practice deep introspection to know ourselves and solve everyday problems. A question we explore: WHY would we resist doing what we know we “should” do, when resisting leads us to do harm?

The more we engage in this inquiry, the more we see that communication is the result of what we say and do. Eventually, we no longer set ourselves up to be dissatisfied, as we come to tell the truth, saying what we feel and meaning what we say.

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