QKabbalah at the Movies

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in CAINsas anymore!”

It’s A B-Ginning…

It’s A B-Ginning emanates from a beginner’s mind – a mind willing to be surprised as it “eXPloRes” the new worlds opened by new words… Its trust is so pure that it begins at THE END, moving backwards from the Alphabet’s last letter to its first (from T to A). The more I feel that time goes in reverse (e.g.; I am not creating: IT is all already created!), the freer I am to know that each moment is A B-Ginning!

The “PAIRfect” Destiny of AT-CG

Before time, space and “me,” it was all black and white, dead and alive, written and read (“infra-read”). And then came the Big Bang Bible Beginning, when S/Hebrew’s most crucial signs found their voice and spoke as the exact letters representing Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine, to trace a path leading me to no longer be a victim of my genes.

He Said, She Said… (true story)

Her ego thinks she’s a “she.” His ego thinks he’s a “he.” When they met, their egos said to each other: “who I think I am agrees to play at make-believe with who you think you are… I’ll be who you need me to be, if you’ll be who I need you to be!” Neither he or she could ever have imagined that… | here.

So… I CAIN’t and you’re ABEL? (forthcoming):

A cross between Psycho and Groundhog Day, it is the story of Cain who wakes up day after day into the same whatchamacallit… the same feeling of “I’m so jealous I could kill you!”  Part true story, part documentary, it introduces a very old story – this of the first murderer (namely Cain) who also happens to be the first human “born out of wedlock.” Speaking of kids, we kid you not…