QKabbalah at the Movies

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in CAINsas anymore!”

Movies About XPR & Language

Language is where my Power is. If I want to change, I must look at the story I tell.

Dropping the story is answering the question “who am I?” It is what is known as “the Great Work.” Yet how do I go about it? I could use a solid foundation, some road signs to guide me on the way, and an idea of what others have found at the end of the road. These movies are exactly that: a foundation, some road signs, and an END vision to inspire courage in me…

I open with the Power of WHYS – and understand.
I change with the XPR Formula – and Choose Peace.
I complete with Prepare to DIE! – and emPower the NOW.

Movies About The XPR Path

The XPR path is an ancient path that comes from the future. It waited for the quantum age for its information to resonate as the languaging of light, and is now ready to take me on a journey via an alphabet that has been in existence for at least 3500 years.

The XPR letters say it: they are the evolution in Roman script of a Hebrew root which forms the words Sappir for “light,” Mispar for “numbers,” Sippur for “story” or sounds, Sepher for “book” or letter, Sephirah for “sphere” (the equivalent of Sanskrit chakra). As such, XPR encompasses what consciousness does – to use the Word to create the World.

The simple question is: what will it take for me to not resist anything? By revealing the geometrical intention underlying the wondrous signs of the Torah, each XPR “book” allows me to trust in the aesthetic of order. And as I take a step after another, I am conscious to be guided by a Map to Infinity, when I emPower the NOW. Working in polarity, physics to metaphysics, gives me the courage to tell the truth, and to be heard.

So yes, it is written: XPR lights a path for me to eXPloRe, eXPeRience and eXPiRe to my limitations, which frees me to eXPRess my true Self. Movies About the XPR Path | here!

Movies about XPR Having Fun

The idea of QKabbalah at the Movies was born from the hypothesis that there is a language of nature – a meta-language – that transmits the ability to move in stillness via the wonder of its multimodal signs. When my mind is both still and in motion, I do not try to make creation happen. I let it happen. This meta-language is comprehensive and neutral as it speaks the voice of the collective unconscious. As such, it shows up in the most transformative works of art, since these also emanate from the unconscious. This language – which renamed itself “S/Hebrew” – is particularly audible and visible in movies, as movies are the medium and the message of movement. For me to pinpoint the QKabbalah in any movies (or anywhere), I’m yet to resonate with symbolic power via the gold of XPR… So for now, XPR chooses to relax and have fun, inviting me to meet the characters of this e-motion picture: it’s a B-Ginning, the PAIRfect Destiny of AT-CG, She Said, He Said and more to come…

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