QKabbalah at the Movies

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in CAINsas anymore!”

Movies About XPR & Language

Language is said to have emerged around fire: daytime was given to hunting and gathering and nighttime, to story telling around fires. Both building fires and language originated in humans. Both have Power that I can use for good or bad. Language is Power, as speaking creates opportunities. This is how the will to Power requires linguistic competence: the more gifted I am with words, the more I can influence and dominate others. This misuse of “Fire-Power” is so puzzling it became a cross-cultural myth. Known in the Bible as the Tower of Babel, it describes how pride caused the breaking of linguistic unity. There’s no smoke without fire: a universal narrative of disrupted linguistic unity presupposes the background existence of one language – a metalanguage. Feeling its codes is returning to sentience – the capacity to feel, sense and understand that which has an understanding of “God.” Rediscovering fire as the light of language, XPR invites a quantum leap that imagines that the center of the Universe –  where ultimate reality is created – started in a fiery jot… | here.

Movies About XPR Path

Would we need language if we understood that there’s only one of us? The question tied us to a riveting experiment in mastering the art form of language, striving for eons to speak the unspeakable… One such call to Power is in Abracadabra, Aramaic for “I create as I speak.” If speaking causes effects aligned to the intentions, conscious or not, of the speaker, the alphabet must be the Law without law, as I never know how my words will be received… As for S/Hebrew being potentially the metalanguage by which to hear our conscience and trust our use of Power, consider the word “alphabet:” its 1st part alpha invokes the Fool’s faith and its 2nd part bet, the Wizard’s doubts. The “alpha-bet” thus reconciles bet as the mind that is divided by conflicting desires, to alpha as the mind who can think, wait and fast, as it does not hunger for anything. Aleph’s magic is gold. Its trust is so pure that it resists nothing and succeeds in everything. To be “IT,” we must still travel the AlphabeT down from stage A to stage T, and then turn around to rise back to A… Listen to our story now! Caveat—these words are live food. Ingesting them is becoming a part of this magic tale | here!

Movies about XPR Having Fun

The idea of QKabbalah at the Movies was born from the hypothesis that there is a language of nature – a meta-language – that transmits the ability to move in stillness via the wonder of its multimodal signs. When my mind is both still and in motion, I do not try to make creation happen. I let it happen. This meta-language is comprehensive and neutral as it speaks the voice of the collective unconscious. As such, it shows up in the most transformative works of art, since these also emanate from the unconscious. This language – which renamed itself “S/Hebrew” – is particularly audible and visible in movies, as movies are the medium and the message of movement. For me to pinpoint the QKabbalah in any movies, I’m yet to resonate with the gold of XPR… So for now, XPR chooses to relax and have fun, inviting me to meet the characters of this e-motion picture: it’s a B-Ginning or the first and the last, the PAIRfect Destiny of AT-CG or the DNA of archetypes, She Said, He Said or the right and wrong game…