WHY the “WHYS” Power?

BECAUSE the word “WHYS” is impeccable enough to say what it means and mean what it says, and the letter Y, adaptable enough to be both a consonant and a vowel.

WHYS—noun, plural: questions on the cause, reason or purpose for which something is said or done. WISE—adj.:  as the innocence that knows the difference between doing good and doing harm.

It has been said that, when the WHY is big enough, the HOW and the WHAT will find a spontaneous answer. However, when the WHY is not big enough, I’ll use the HOW and the WHAT as excuses for not doing what I said I would. The WHYS of emPowering NOW are for me to raise a big enough WHY to open to 1) understanding, 2) choosing Peace and 3) emPowering the NOW.

So… WHY would I do harm? The question has been posed by theologians and philosophers since time immemorial. While the whims of behavior have inspired great writings, I still don’t know what motivates me to desire wrongdoing. It’s not that I’m evil, but more that I’m cut off from the greatest source of Power there is: my rage, which I corrupt under the guise of “righteous anger!” Rage is not and will never be about being right!

This rage is my passion – so enormous and ancient it terrifies me. And yet, the capacity to feel and make sense of it is how to reconnect to an etheric field encoding LOVE as a metalanguage. Including ALL memories, this cosmic language is global. It answers society’s core questions as well as my own, until I am so WISE that I have no questions and no answers.

Truth be told: there is no wrong that “you” have done that is not already written. By receiving the Power of symbols, I find a Voice that is so honest about intentionality that I’m left with one sole intention: to allow the Fire-Power to transmute “my” fury so as for me to be an emissary of Peace.