the Way of a Coach

Am I a life coach, a healer or a teacher?

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”  ― Hippocrates

The core challenge of being a coach:

to give up the things that make me sick.

the Mastery of a Coach

Trust & Transmission

The first truth I am to accept is at the foundation of all teachings: we are one, which implies that the client is not out there, but rather in here. I attract clients (and experiences) on the basis of who I think I am. If I have a problem with finding clients, it is because I don't “buy” me. My lack of trust in my ability to sign up a client can be felt. It transmits. Might it have something to do with my resisting giving up that which makes me sick?

Passion & Compassion

I do not choose my expertise: it chooses me! The obstacles I surmounted are what make me an expert. This new strength is how I trust that I can deliver when pledging my assistance. My passion (a word that comes from Latin pati for “pain”) rises out of the most painful experiences of my life. Healing the wound grants my soul its certification as a coach. I am now compassionate (“with my pain”), a mastery which cannot be faked: it either is or isn’t. 

Power & Force

I’ve learned from the best, have been given amazing tools, and I am still filled with doubt. The first quality of a master coach is the humility to submit to a solid wax-on wax-off process. Practicing leads me to the place in-between, when I don’t coach, “it” coaches. As I embrace the paradox of being and not being, caring and not caring, I am as a master artist who drops the tools to be the tool. This is how to have no fear of misusing Power with a client, as I know that the Force is with me. 

Business & Busy-ness

Just in case I would be overwhelmed by the business side of coaching (the marketing, the accounting, the selling), I can always go back to the basics: I love what I do in the measure to where I stop judging. It is not higher or lower to be an accountant versus a motivational speaker. When I do not let my preferences limit my movement, accounting is simply the next right thing, equal to prepping for a speaking engagement. I am in the business of emPowering the NOW, moment by moment…

"Reality is not simply ‘experienced’ or ‘reflected’ in language, but instead is actually
produced by language.” 
Misia Landau, Boston University anthropologist 

WHY do I tell the story I tell?

Moses "Heston" parting the Red Sea

Motivation & Speaking

Inquiring on motions and e-motions, Moses was a trailblazer for motivational speakers. His career started as he was in the desert of his soul. Apparently, a burning bush spoke to him, inviting him to motivate his audience to leave “Ego-Egypt.” His passion was freedom, and how to fulfill the promise by going to the enlightened state of mind where milk and money flow effortlessly. When he first heard of his mission, he got scared: “why don’t you send someone else?” Eventually hearing “I Am that I Am,” he ended up inspiring a bunch of people to change and let go of what ails them.

He left behind a how-to book – the SIXth book of Moses, which is now decoded as Golden XPR's "Map to Infinity."

Understand. Choose Peace. empower the now

Understanding is to feel the order inherent to chaos. This felt sense is helped by an inquiry that is universal, credible, and radical, as it is sourced in sacred geometry – the “Earth measurer.” Choosing Peace is the step beyond Understanding. It is the ability to foresee the consequences of my words and actions. emPowering the NOW is the active listening that answers “ROGER that” to the heart (Received Order Given), and the compassion that does what it takes to heal. Expecting different Results is no longer insanity. It is Wisdom.

Words of Power


Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.

Tony Robbins


The trouble is, you think you have time.

Jack Kornfield


Excellence always sells.

Earl Nightingale

Join us in
emPowering the NOW

More than a company, we are a movement that presents, implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-biological sentient animals. They can help us remove the veto we placed on the Soul, so that we can restore the capacity to feel and sense. This capacity is sentience, or how that which understands has an understanding of “God”, that is, of reality.

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WHY the Power Mystery?

BECAUSE, imagining that Power runs on a line like a train does, I can’t predict when I will encounter a railroad switch: one moment I am in my Power, the next I lost it!.

WHY a Universal Code?

BECAUSE, as long as I don’t open to the possibility that a unifying equation – a one-size-fits-all code – could exist, my ego is gonna get me with the belief “I’m too special for this to work…”

WHY a Mystery school?

BECAUSE, one day, I will decide to do what it takes to be free. And on that day, I may require spiritual guidance to face the fear of dying to who I think I am.

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