Engaging is when I clarify the nature of my intentions. Saying this has me smile as it brings to mind: “young man, what is the nature of your intentions concerning my daughter?” The question is intimidating, since engagement is traditionally when I buy the ring.

This work – Understand – Choose Peace – emPower the NOW – is not about time or money, but about how much I want to be free. While freedom is my nature, there’s still a bit of unlearning I must do to no longer be limited by my beliefs and to enjoy receiving the Peace of mind that comes with a much broader bandwidth.

EZ does it! Golden XPR invites me to take it one step at a time, as I tune in to the different channels that XPR offers me:

Bottom line: do I accept that there is an end to limiting Belief Systems (affectionately termed “the BS”),
and thus a time when I move from pursuing to consummating?

While pursuing is lovely for a while, it is also quite frustrating to never get “the girl!” Moreover, there is a point where willpower just does not work, as it is the level where I create the problem by trying to force an outcome. The next level is when I stop trying, and start trusting. It is the level (and the channel) where I actually engage!

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