Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions:

What is the mission of emPowering NOW?

The Mission of emPowering NOW LLC is to bring forth the Golden XPR (eXPiRe) as a way to transition from a world mainly unconscious of GReed, where my Giving/Receiving communicates fear, confusion and domination, to a world increasingly conscious of GRace, where Giving/Receiving flows freely from the silence and the sounds of LOVE.

What is the mission of Golden XPR?

The Mission of Golden XPR (eXPiRe) is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of knowledge. When I perceive that there is a universal code to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the visible and the invisible merge (I stop lying), the hunger for LOVE is satiated (I crave nothing), integrity is naturally embodied (I do no harm), and an aware civilization emerges (I love IT all).

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