Resources – old

We are under construction. Until completion, the links to our free resources will not be active.

These complimentary resources are for you, especially when:

  • You have downloaded and used our eXPiRe Tarot iPhone or Android App and you want to learn more about the Path of eXPiRe.  Mobile app | here
  • You like what you felt and heard during one of our gatherings and would like to know more about the design and/or the essence of the Path of XPR (eXPiRe).
  • You are interested in how language is where our Power lives, and thus in what consciousness does, which is to manipulate symbols in the form of letters, numbers and sounds.
  • You may not be quite ready to interact with us directly.

 Our free resources include:

  • THE END ebook (forthcoming)
  • Hear/SEE ebook (forthcoming)


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