The Genesis Pattern

An introduction to S/Hebrew as the psychological decoding of the collective unconscious, the Genesis Pattern opens new vistas for me to begin to feel WHY I can’t be successful in my creation and be the change | here.

WHY the Genesis Pattern?

BECAUSE I dared to dream that a divine code could be embedded in S/Hebrew’s numbered letters – a code by which my “bad” hereditary traits could be reprogrammed for their transmission and manifestation to benefit ALL!

The Genesis Pattern challenges the belief that world Peace is impossible. It does so by revealing a unifying equation that can and does unite two big archetypal enemies (science & religion) and by extension, the two sides of me (male and female). This proposition explains everything in the WORD that has kept us from seeing One WORLD.

The pattern emanates from life’s original matrix given by one keyword whose geometry keeps on having fun, as it is exponentially fruitful and multiplying. Just like a fractal in nature makes it possible to sense and comprehend the patterns of dynamically changing systems, the fractals of Golden XPR (the SIX-based colored tables) continue to rearrange their core matrix into self-similar configurations, making it possible for me to start understanding my own patterning (and thus know WHY I don’t have the Power to _____).  To check it out | click here.

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