Welcome! I am now in One-on-One – the eXPiRing channel of Golden XPR…

Doing shadow work is not for the faint of heart. Moreover, the Great Work, to die to who I think I am (and thus fulfill my potential), can hardly be done alone. For most of us, it will take the guidance of someone who’s “been there done that” for me dive deep into the abyss to harvest the gold of my being. Each time I dive, I am witnessed in feeling and sensing what I repress, I increase my honesty, as well as the quota of honesty in the world. Such realness leads me to the proverbial Peace beyond Understanding, the very Peace that is at the foundation of my ability to make sound judgments and emPower the NOW.

These courses in “eXPiRing” include self paced solo materials, combined with group classes and one-on-one XPR Advising | here.

Am I ready for how Truth is going to change my life?