Welcome! I am now in Playing – the inSPiRing channel of Golden XPR…

Browsing is the opportunity to be introduced to the style of the emPowering NOW’s online Mystery School and avoid The Clash of my hesitation singing: “Darling you got to let me know… Should I stay or should I go?” ♫

These minimally priced offerings are here to assist me in answering my own question: shall I stay or shall I go? They are written in the “I” perspective, so as to invite the two parts of me to participate – the part that knows what to do, and the part that doesn’t want to do it. Their questions have one goal only: for the two parts of me to know each other and find a common ground.

These courses are a couple bucks or so and can be found | here.

How true is the following statement for me: investing in anything (a home, going to Paris, the latest electronic gadget) is not about much money and/or time I have available, but about whether or not I wholeheartedly want it.