Solo Courses

Welcome! I am now in Solo Courses – the eXPloRing channel of Golden XPR…

I browsed, I liked and I came to the next level of engagement in using the mirror of Golden XPR to discover my true nature.

I’m an explorer…. Nothing quite like a solo adventure in an unfamiliar territory! I’m the curious type… I relate to Star Trek’s Data saying: “what an interesting creation!” This way of learning is at once uplifting and unnerving, as I only have me, myself and “eye” on whom to bounce ideas…  I enjoy working at my own pace and being responsible for my own growth… It sharpens my mind!

These courses have a nominal fee.  Check them out | here.

Am I ready to explore strange new WORDS, to seek out the promise of an enlightened civilization, to boldly go where no mind has gone – in the etheric field known and mostly unknown as the “S/Hebrew” codes?