Power Mystery

WHY would Power be a mystery, and even potentially, the mystery? BECAUSE, imagining that Power runs on a line like a train does, I can’t predict when I will encounter a railroad switch: one moment I am in my Power, the next I lost it! What makes it that I would sometimes have “it” and sometimes not? …

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WHY the Bible’s Power?

We’ll give you SIX reasons, and a movie… BECAUSE it is a phenomenon bordering on the unbelievable: how could the Bible have the Power to influence and motivate an entire culture for at least 3,000 years? BECAUSE, even If I have abandoned religion, the “religious” problem is still with me, starting with the idea of …

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WHY Power and No Force?

BECAUSE, whether I am a woman or a man, I am so programmed to see a man’s world that I become enmeshed in patriarchal games of domination. The thing is: no matter my choice, and whether I sign up to play the victim or the bully, I am still misusing Power. This makes it impossible …

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WHY a Mystery School?

BECAUSE, one day, I will decide to do what it takes to be free. And on that day, I may require spiritual guidance to face the fear of dying to who I think I am. Life ITSELF is the Mystery, as life is not the opposite of death; birth is! My challenge – and the …

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