The Creation Tool

The Creation Tool that SYNCS I can (TCT, for short) is an adjunct to the Genesis Pattern and to its two key elements: 1) is not the world that was created in SIX days, it is the word, 2) the “days” of creation are really the SIX stages of the creative process. TCT now decodes the soul of the first chapter of Genesis, for me to begin relating to being of One Speech, when I say “Let there be ____,” and see it manifest at the speed of light!  | here.

WHY the Creation Tool that SYNCS I can?

BECAUSE time may not be on my side, as I seem to postpone making the decision that would give me what I really want… 

Instantaneous manifestation means just that: there is no time interposed between the creation and its manifestation. When the results I have do not match what I was going for, there’s an unconscious block that I am yet to understand. Just like timing is the essence of life, being conscious of WHY I think (and thus “SYNC”) what I think is increasingly of the essence. This is becoming ever more real, as the transmission of “you create your reality” calls me to inquire on how I think of “God” and “His” creative process.

Do I see “God” as a Father, a Mother, a Son, a Creator Spirit? Do I look to the sky when I speak of it, “Spirit?” Do I think of creation as having a Big Bang Bible Beginning and an end? S/Hebrew has a simple answer: Ab – a 2-lettered word invoking two worlds: 1)  “Father” and 2) “alphabet.” It makes it fair and square by adding that words do matter, mater as in 1) “Mother” and 2) “matter.”

One more little matter: TCT “syncs” that I can invest $1 to play with it. Check it out | here.

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