This Year – EZ to Digest

Food for thought… I see This Year – EZ to Digest as an appetizer before the pièce de résistance This Year in Jerusalem… The S/Hebrew for “Jerusalem” means the “City of Peace.” Each of EZ’s pages are the live enzymes to help me digest WHY I would postpone my entry in Jerusalem, when living in its consciousness is imperative to emPowering the NOW…  | here.

WHY This Year – EZ to Digest?

BECAUSE I tend to postpone doing that which would better me and benefit all… Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? 

EZ to Digest version is also written to end the war between both “camps:” those who suffer to be chosen and those who suffer to not be of the elect. As such, it is written for “the second sex,” the women across time and space who are increasingly angry to be raped by men, and the men who feel “not enough” when the women respond by emasculating them.

Since we are created male and female (whether we know it or not), this piece (and Peace) is dedicated to humanity as a whole: may we all live in Peace as brothers and sisters and may we all feel Rumi in our soul as we “let the beauty we love be what we do…”

Oh… And in speaking of the missus, EZ is also when Mrs. Moses asks for directions to Peace City…. Check it out | here.

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