WHY the Power of Three?

BECAUSE triangulating my position, and thus having three angles by which to look at “IT” leads me to the center of my integrity, when I invest and manage my Power wisely.  

The Power of Three starts in a question: whose will is it, anyway? Do I find it puzzling that Power (or light energy or Chi or Prana) would run in me as it does in a Tree? Yet, a tree resembles me in many ways: my arms and legs are its branches, my head and hair are its roots, my skin is its bark, my blood is its sap… Its power runs alternatively on three circuits, as flows that synergize the the right and left sides of my brain to my heart. It really can be as simple as 1, 2, TREE…


  1. Collective Power (Female Side): this is the “We” angle, as in “you and me.” This is where I give you my Power, and/or try to take yours. The collective is the stage of a historical Power struggles between men and women, and where I get stuck in the pain story. For me to forgive my tribe, I must have another way to look at “IT:” this of Individual Power.  Once the balancing of these opposite flows is complete, I naturally support diversity, and honor mutuality.
  2. Individual Power (Male Side): this is the “I” angle, as in “me, myself and I.” This is where I take back my Power. I decide, be it to stop drinking, to cut my hair, to be a musician (when my parents wanted me to be a lawyer. I may still lose Power when I try to control me by way of severity or laziness. Individuating asks for the courage to turn within, and find that which will never be found without. Once I do, I am surprised to find that relating to the collective has become easy, fun, real, and authentic.
  3. Symbolic Power (Knowledge): this is the “IT/ITS” angle, where the “We” and “I” dance with each other on the middle path, so much so that the signs of it abound, e.g.; I think of Paula, and Paula calls. Such Knowledge is sexual (as in “biblical knowledge”), as “IT” is when I forget my identity. Mind disappears, time disappears: I simply love what is, and watch Power work through me.  IT’s like being in the zone; I do not run: IT runs me; I do not speak, IT speaks me; I do not garden, IT gardens me… The more I allow IT to flow through me, the more I meet the plural ITS, the results of my communication.


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