WHY the letters XPR?

BECAUSE XPR spells out what consciousness does (which is to manipulate information). To emPower the NOW, I need a simple way to “unlearn,” that is, to understand the mental constructs that are challenging my Peace of mind, e.g.; time and money, so fully that they go into spontaneous combustion.

French for “this is not a Magritte,” in honor of Magritte’s master piece: “the Treachery of Images.”

Hear, hear: this is not a pipe. This is what I call a pipe. And yet, names have Power! My name is my last attachment, and my attachments, the cause of my suffering. For me to not take things so personally, I would have to answer to the Mystery, and know who I Am. I would have to fulfill my calling! The perspective to learn about myself by unlearning all the knowledge I borrowed on the way, until only wisdom is left… It is compelling! Moreover, if I am so passionate about being heard and seen, it is because, deep down,  I know the Truth: for you to hear me, I must hear myself.

WHY is XPR simple?

BECAUSE XPR is not only radical (from Latin radix for “root”) in the sense of far-reaching or extreme, IT is at the root of the Roman script used by many languages, including English. 

There is an ancient metaphor that has much beauty, truth and goodness. It speaks of the garden as my genius, of the water that keeps it alive, as my soul, of the Tree as my mind, of the work of transformation as the cultivation of an orchard, of blossoming, as the risks I take to fulfill my vision, of the flowers, as the stages of my evolution, and of the fruit, as the results of my communication. 

It is likely that weeds will grow in my garden, weeds that rob the soil, and thus the plants of essential nutrients and water. They can even release chemicals (“talk-sick words) that are harmful to surrounding plants. Thus gardeners speak of eradicating weeds, as it is only by going to the root that the weeds will be effectively removed.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
Albert Einstein
The Book of UnderStanding: here

To continue the green metaphor, XPR as “numbers” are the 10 digits of my fingers and toes. To help me talk the talk and walk the walk, Golden XPR brings to life an ancient icon known as “the Tree of Life,” an icon which was yet to be felt, body and soul! Just as its Hindu kin, this Tree has 7 rungs of “chakras;” 7 cosmic links between consciousness and physiology. Unbeknownst to many, this Tree of Life holds the entire Wisdom Teaching of the Hebrew Bible.

Mind – A Wish-Fulfilling Tree of Life – 7 rungs and 10 digits, for my 10 fingers to talk the talk, and my 10 toes, to walk the walk.

My mind is a wish-fulfilling tree. I am a Magician, using my will as my magic wand. Will I be courageous enough to eXPeRience the “Ego-Egypt” creations that have enslaved me, until they eXPiRe to me, and me to them? Or will I be the spider, caught in the web I myself wove, simply because I don’t have enough understanding of the laws (as above, so below) to BE CAUSE?

If so, here is a firm Promise: I will enter a “No Mind’s Land,” where I have no need to create heaven or hell. Knowing the proverbial Peace that passes Understanding, I will become meditation itself.

WHY “UnderStanding?”

BECAUSE its U…S… compresses a few perennial truths: 1. there is only One of US: we are interconnected.  2. Standing Under, in support, is likely to produce more harmony than standing over, in domination. 3. understanding the One is also understanding the Zero: it is embracing the paradox, which allows me to be and not to be (0/1).

Our Mystery School’s credo is super-simple. In fact, I already knew it as a child: there is nothing out there! Not giving my Power away to the other is exhilarating, as it is feeling in my blood the One of US.

This is to say that “the world” lives in me: if I want to change, I must look at the story I tell. Time and/or money, to take these as examples, are not separate from me (although it may feel like it); they live within me as a story.

My cells are sentient, Giving/Receiving information 24/7. Health (or wealth), shall I wonder, is the willingness and the readiness of my society of cells to cooperate: One Voice, One Mind. This active listening – in/out – is sourced in “the UnderStanding that there is only One of US.”

WHY are symbols the key to Wisdom?

BECAUSE the third eye is my command center, from which intuition and instinct (a.k.a. Father/Mother “God”) issue a stream of numbers, letters and sounds. The better I am at decoding them, the more my calling – the vision of my soul – is fulfilled! 

It is likely that I once felt awe at the sight of a radiant sunset or when gazing into the eyes of a newborn, and lost track of my identity. I may also have opened to the mystical experiences of nirvana, [tantric] sex, remote-viewing, spontaneous healing, kundalini rising, athletic feats… The list is long! Yet, the blissful moment passed, returning me to “normal” consciousness. And it makes me wonder… How do I go back to the quality of presence I experienced, when time was suspended, and only the Now existed? Is there a natural way that would stretch me to something greater than myself, and quench my thirst for awe?



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